Download Products list (PDF file): NYacad-ProductList.pdf

SolidStructural $600

3D Steel Auto Detailing System

Acad Officer $60.00




20 programs in one package, 30 forms, 400(!) VB and AutoLISP routines

NYacad Symbols $15.00


CAD Symbols: Web page

FlatShot Pro

(the module of Acad Officer)

Auto Generate 2D drawings from 3D models

SDS-DXF-CNC Convert discontinued software

 Convert hundreds of SDS/2 DXF into DWG or CNC files drawings

in one step

Visual Weld $12.00


Add Weld Symbols



(the module of Acad Officer)

Pipes, Rails, Walls, Structural members, Roads

AcadCalcStair $30.00

Calculator and Stair Drafting Tool for AutoCAD


discontinued software

Fast navigation and File Management in AutoCAD. Batch Plot, Purge, Bind...


AutoCAD Utilities: 32 FREE commands

Quick ViewPort FREE

(the module of Acad Officer)

Effective tool for adding PaperSpace ViewPorts


(the module of Acad Officer)

AutoCAD Text, Mtext and Dim. Utilities:

Align, Convert to Stacked etc.

Dim Over!

(the module of Acad Officer)

You don't need dozens of dim styles. You need just one program -Dim Over!


(the module of Acad Officer)


Fast Filters in AutoCAD 



SDS Macro VA

Add Vertical Angles in SDS/2

Cutting List FREE

Cutting List 


(the module of Acad Officer)


Quick and optimized Layout of Balusters


(the module of Acad Officer)


Balusters Auto Detailing

NYacad Library

discontinued software

DataBase for your CAD Blocks, SDS/2 Macros and Images


Quick Structural

discontinued software


Get Structural Plan/Elevation/Anchor Bolt Plan in minutes


Hatch Fast

(the module of Acad Officer)

Fast Hatching + Draw Pickets, Rails and Posts

Count Items  FREE


Count items (marks of materials, components etc.) 

Handy AutoCAD-3. Quick Hatch FREE



Add Hatch, draw Rail pickets quickly


Handy AutoCAD-4. Very Quick Leader FREE



Leaders attached to annotation and plain Leaders


Select Shapes FREE

Select shapes and print report with structural shapes properties

ColorFilter FREE

Quick Selection by color



(the module of Acad Officer)

BreakLines and objects with BreakLines


Quick Mirror FREE

2-5 times faster Mirror command


PDF-DWG with Layers

(the module of Acad Officer)


Add Layers in PDF-DWG converted drawings 

DimConti FREE


Fast Dimensioning