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Flatshot Pro application designed for automatic creation of 2D drawings from AutoCAD 3D Models. The program is more efficient than regular Soldraw, Solprof or Flatshot (AutoCAD2007 or higher) AutoCAD commands and compatible with AutoCAD2000 or higher.

Using Application

The drawing must have 3D solids as AutoCAD objects or as parts of blocks or XReferences. You don’t need to explode blocks or bind Xreferences as it is required for Solprof or Soldraw commands.

If you plan to produce 2D drawing from Isometric views or any other views, such as Front or Bottom or any view created with 3D Orbit, then set the view first. For Plans and Elevations 2D drawings no view changes is required. Enter F3 command (or click on Flatshot Pro button in Acad Officer main form). Select scale, set colors, show/hide hidden lines and tangential edges and press the corresponding button (Plan, Elevation or View).

For Elevations the program will generate 2D drawing from 3D solids between Front and Back planes (part of 3D solids beyond these planes will be removed). For Plans – between Top and Bottom planes. If Front (Top) plane intersects 3D solids, the 3D model will be sectioned with applied hatch pattern selected in the form.

The generated 2D drawing you can Copy and Paste in other drawing or use it as the block. Another option – save 2D drawing as a new file.

Special features

Flatshot command first was introduced in ACAD2007. Only in AutoCAD2010 the option for showing tangential edges became available. With Flatshot Pro even the users of AutoCAD 2000 can generate 2D drawing with silhouette edges for curved surfaces.

In Flatshot Pro form the user can select scale of the drawing with auto adjustment of scale of linetypes and hatch patterns. The program is better than Soldraw in creating sections (elevations and plans). First of all, the user can cut out unwanted parts of 3D model. Another advantage - separate hatch objects with different hatch angle in FlatShot Pro. Regular Soldraw command creates single hatch objects. If you need to modify 2D section created with Soldraw, you have to explode the hatch. Image below shows the difference between hatch created with FlatShot Pro and Soldraw.

The program distributed as a part of Acad Officer

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