Select Shapes - select shapes and print auto generated report with structural shapes properties

MacroLISP - Simple AutoLISP routines can be recorded with AutoLISP file Macro.lsp, by George Omura. Read more and play video...


AutoCAD Text Utility - Good text utility developed by Timo Huttunen... Read more...


Site topo - fantastic video (3D civil): Play video


Edit Text and Attributes with one command - Brian Forbes wrote this AutoLISP combining in old AutoCAD Ddedit and Ddatte in one command... Read more...






Horror in AutoCAD

Change Base Point (ACAD2006+)

AutoCAD and SDS/2 Tips

PaperSpace in Steel Detailing

Batch Plot Utility

Framed Text

AutoCAPS in AutoCAD...

Multi Leaders

If you don't like EAT...

Full Menus in MS Office

How to save paper

Another use of LayIso

Scroll wheel in AutoCAD and Internet

AutoCAD Navigation

Snap to Surface

Improving PDF

MInsert and other things about blocks

Saving Paper in CAD Office

Hot Keys in AutoCAD (new)

AutoCAD Zoom Instant (new)

DimAngular-PRO (new)



NYacadFREE v.6 - the set of AutoCAD utilities and commands for every day's use

Handy AutoCAD - free tools

1. Quick Mirror 2-5 times faster Mirror command

2. Dim Conti  Fast dimensioning

3. Quick Hatch

4. Very Quick Leader

5. Annotations On/Off

6. Add Holes-1 (elev. view)

7. MultiClouds Faster and nicer revclouds

8. LayIso Like Layers tools

9. Optimized Align Faster align command

10. Pickstyle Using Pickstyle effectively

11. Multiple-Single Erase without Enters

12. Hatch Edit Fix hatch, Add boundary...

14. Safe Plot

15. Quick Quit AutoCAD

16. Multi Copy

17. Bind XRefs AutoLISP


Zoom-Extents-Window - Faster performance in AutoCAD navigation can be done by...
Change Display Setting - Instead of going to Options dialog window for changing AutoCAD display settings...
Pickets-Hatch - Quick way for adding rail pickets

Diamond Hatch pattern file


Color Filter  Quick selection by color

Count Items DataBase  Collect data in text file, import and count Items
New BenchMark Symbol