Version 6

Fast navigation and effective File management in AutoCAD


Valuable Batch commands


Batch Plot

10 times faster navigation, instant access to hundreds of files


The most effective software for AutoCAD batch print, Microstation DGN-DWG and DWG-DGN conversion


Application for Auto print ANY number of ANY type of files




AcadExplorer:  the program provides fast navigation, effective file management in AutoCAD + set of valuable Batch procedures.

AcadExplorer is more effective than AutoCAD Today or other applications based on the list of recently used files.

AcadExplorer uses effective approach for navigation: Folder with corresponding files is the core of the program = instant exploring.

AcadExplorer provides faster and convenient way for publishing PDF and DWF files.

AcadExplorer is the application for batch printing ANY types of files.


·         Instant access to hundreds of files

·         Explore and use the contents of TEN folders simultaneously

·         Get the printable list of files in selected folder (all or specified files type)

·         Open ANY type of files

·         Remove unwanted files (selected by files type)

·         Create new folder

·         Show folders’ contents organized by file type: All files, AutoCAD drawings (DWG and DXF), bakup files BAK, text files TXT, Microstation drawings DGN, MS Access MDB and MDE files, Adobe Acrobat PDF, MS Word DOC and MS Excel XLS

·         Insert or XREF file in AutoCAD (options: scale, rotation and explode)

·         Batch commands with all or the group of drawings in folder: bind XReferences, Purge; SaveAs in DWG or DXF format as well as in native or older format

·         Batch PLOT to device (options: all layouts, current layout, number of copies as well as direct and reverse order of files and layouts selected for printing)

·         Batch PLOT to file (PDF or DWF) options: all layouts, current layout, number of copies as well as direct and reverse order of files and layouts selected for printing + faster and more convenient output

·         Create Blocks’ and Xref’s Array – Insert (Attach) selected drawings evenly spaced

·         Fill BOM – Quick filling of BOM with inserted or attached drawings – components of BOM

·         Batch PLOT ANY type of files

·         Change default printer in system


Installation and Setup

After auto installation is complete you will find the new folder on your workstation:


Include two files AcadExplorer.lsp and AcadExplorer.dvb (found under C:\AcadExplorer directory) in ACAD Startup Suite. To do it:

·         Type "appload" at the command prompt

·         Press button “Contents…”

·         Click on “Add…” button and browse to find files: AcadExplorer.lsp and AcadExplorer.dvb. Select both files and Press ‘Add’

·         Close dialog windows

1. Start Application

Enter shortcut AX at the AutoCAD command prompt. The main form pops up

 2. Using the Program

 2.1 Main Form

 First select folders you are planning to use. Select drive, navigate in Folders list, find the folder and double click. After that click on any button F1…F10 to add selected folder’s name in the corresponding text box in form (see the picture below).


 Click in any text box with folder’s name: the contents of Files list changes respectively. The buttons with Copy icon let you copy the file path into clipboard. Certainly you can change the set of currently used folders.


Remark: there is no need to fill out all text boxes. If you are planning to work with two folders, just add two folders’ names.


2.1 Files List


The Files list shows the contents of selected folder. Select appropriate file extension in File Type combo box:  All files, AutoCAD drawings (DWG and DXF), bakup files BAK, text files TXT, Microstation drawings DGN, MS Access MDB and MDE files, Adobe Acrobat PDF, MS Word DOC and MS Excel XLS. Double click on selected file in Files list to open any file. Refresh files list (e.g. if you deleted files from current folder or added new) by pressing button


 Available procedures and commands in main form (see table below)

Open Any File.

Create the list of files (text file stored in C:\AcadExplorer\Files Lists folder)

Delete all or selected type of files from folder. Check Include Subfolders option, if necessary. Wblock all files from folder

Open Batch form. Check Include Subfolders option, if necessary

Add new folder: enter the name of new folder and press the button. New folder will be created directly under currently selected folder


Example of List of Files.txt shown below (Check Include Subfolders option, if necessary):

10/10/2006                    5:56:05 PM

List of Drawings (*.dwg) in:



1. AB1.dwg

2. B1.dwg

3. B10.dwg

You also can insert selected drawing as a block or attach it as XReference. As you can see, the program gives at your disposal several options for drawing insertion (attachment) 

Other options in Main Form 

Include Subfolders option (if necessary) for operations in Main or Batch form. Open Help file

Text box displaying brief help – move cursor above any control in form


How to contact us



Open Windows Explorer, Notepad, Paint, MS Word and MS Excel. Click on Exit button to close the program. All information will be saved


2.2 Batch Form

In this form you can perform Batch commands and Batch Print of selected files. First select the folder in Main form. Click on Batch Commands button. The Batch form shows up (click on picture below to enlarge). The files in left list are from the folder you have selected in Main form.

Using arrows in the middle of the form select all or the group of files.

 Batch commands

Check appropriate options and click on Start Batch button.



·         In case the drawing(s) selected for batch procedure has (have) crossing or nested XReferences, the binding is impossible (the drawing will be saved with Xreferences the program was not able to bind)

Batch Print (AutoCAD drawings)

AcadExplorer gives at your disposal innovative and convenient ways for Batch Printing. A number of solutions used in this program not available in other applications.

You have options for batch Print to device (plotter/printer), as well as special procedures for PDF and DWF output. You can set the number of copies; apply sorting to files and layouts; print current or all layouts; collated or uncollated print and others.


·         Speed: you need seconds to prepare and send any number of drawings to plot

·         Number of copies: any number (this option is not included in AutoDesk Batch Plot Utilities program)

·         Flexibility 1: AcadExplorer can batch plot DXF files (AutoDesk Batch Plot Utilities program cannot)

·         Flexibility 2: Using this program you can batch print different format sheets (e.g. 11x17 and 24x36) on different devices. Uncheck Page setup option button – and each drawing will be printed as it is, with the last plot setting saved with the drawing.

·         Flexibility 3 + more common sense: When you plot to PDF (DWF), batch printing is a tedious task, if you are using regular AutoCAD. With each sheet sent to PDF (DWF) you are getting dialog window offering to assign the name for PDF (DWF) file. Default name is not always

 appropriate (e.g. S1-Model.pdf or A-101-A-101.pdf) – usually you have to edit file name (e.g. make it S1.pdf or A-101.pdf). AcadExplorer offers NO INTERRUPTION batch print to file (PDF or DWF) and two choices for auto assignment the name of file – just sheet (or file) name (option

button default is unchecked) or default AutoCAD file name assignment (option button default is checked).

Batch plot using page setup:

Create page setup in new file or use existing file with the set of page setups ready for use. Select this file in Main form. Copy into clipboard file path and paste it in Batch form text box (see picture below):

If you are using that file on the constant base and adding new page setups, press refresh button .

The program will retrieve names of page setups without opening a file.

Select page setup name from combo box and press the corresponding button:

Plot to device

Plot to PDF

Plot to DWF

Remark: for PDF (DWF) output the folder F6 selected in Main form is used (the name of the folder is shown in Batch form as well):

 Batch Print (ANY files)

 Batch printing of any type of files is performed using default system printer. You can add new printer and set its preferences (play video 11 – see beginning of this file)


When you open Batch form, the name of default printer is shown in combo box. Select printer (if necessary) and press button to set this printer as default. Enter the number of copies you need (collated print is used in program), select files (any type of files) and push the button


Other procedures:


Multi Array of blocks (XReferences)

Insert (XRef) in one step selected drawings evenly spaced:

Select files

Click on the arrow showing direction of array

Enter the distance in AutoCAD command prompt and press Attach XRef (Insert Block) button.


Fill BOM: select files and press button Fill BOM

Examples of using multi array and auto fill BOM – play video 9.


Delete files: select files and press the button

Wblock: select files and press the button – for each drawing all visible on Model Space objects will be exported into folder F6 (Main form) = PDF(Dwf) folder in Batch form.


EXIT: press this button to return to Main form




3. How to order AcadExplorer

Payment can be made on-line. Checks or money orders acceptable as well. For current price and conditions of payment follow the link:


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us via email or visit NYacad, Inc. company web site at: