Handy AutoCAD-2. Dim Conti

Fast dimensioning

Dim Conti: the program designed as an alternate to DimAligned and Qdim AutoCAD commands.

Qdim has certain limitations; the command often fails or produces undesirable result, especially when if you are performing dimensioning of blocks, Xlines etc.

DimAligned is too bad when you are attempting to modify dimension using grips.

AutoLISP routines in this program (A1 and A2) are operating with rotated dimensions, which are easy to modify. The input is shorter and performance is faster by using DimContinue command.

Command RD: common in steel detailing and structural drafting Ordinate dimensions can be added in drawing with a good speed. Again, DimContinue command entered programmatically provides fast dimensioning.


Installation and Setup

After auto installation is complete you will find the new folder on your workstation:

C:\ HA-2 Dim Conti

Include two files Dim Conti.lsp and Dim Conti.dvb (found under C:\HA-2 Dim Conti directory) in ACAD Startup Suite. To do it: type "appload" at the command prompt; press button “Contents…”; click on “Add…” button and browse to find files: Dim Conti.lsp and Dim Conti.dvb. Select both files and press ‘Add’Close dialog windows

Enter shortcut Q2 at the AutoCAD command prompt. The main form pops up.

2. Using the Program

Command A1: get angle from screen and add dimensions  (any rotation angle dimensions including 0).

Command A2: This command is faster than A1. Use this command, if all dimensions’ origin points are on the same line – (any rotation angle dimensions including 0).

Command D3: first dimension in dimension chain - pick two points; the second, the third etc. dims require only one point.


Alex Borodulin 06/24/06