Organize your own Library of AutoCAD Blocks, SDS/2 Macros, Images, and Annotations

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1.      Overview

2.      Using NYacad Library


2.1. Start Program

2.2. Main Form

2.3. Single View Form

2.4. Continuous View Form

2.5. Multiple View Form

2.6. SDS/2 Macros

3.      Registering

1. Overview

NYacad Library is a MS Access Database for organizing your own Library of AutoCAD Blocks, Drawings and Annotations; Images; SDS/2 Macros, Assemblies and Standard details. Main features of the program:

2. Using NYacad Library

2.1 Start program

 Double click on icon  on your desktop. Or go to folder C:\NYacad Library and open file NYacad Library.mde

2.2 Main Form

When you start application, main form pops up.

From this form you can get an access to other forms in application, Help file and open register form (if you decide to buy this product).

2.3 Single View

This form has maximum functionality. To use this form AutoCAD must be running.


Then Paste text from clipboard into ACAD text (Mtext) editor or other text editors.

·         Duplicate record. Click on button  to add new record in library. All values of fields will be copied in new record. Use this option in case you are adding the group of similar blocks or images: it saves your time on input.

Exit form and open main form: click on button  

2.4 Continuous View Form

In this form you can preview 3 slides (images) simultaneously. Select category to view specified images. 

2.5 Multiple View Form

In this form you can preview 9 slides (images) simultaneously. Select category to view specified images. You can have up to 90 items in one category. Click on buttons 1, 2, 3… to go through all records.  

2.6 SDS/2 Macros

With this form you have a convenient way for handling SDS/2 macros.


If you have dozens of macros, you will appreciate the convenience of graphical interface and fast access to files.

3. Registering

If you decide to buy, you need to register your license. In main form press button: “Register”. Follow instructions in opened form. Payment can be made on-line. Checks or money orders acceptable as well. For current price and conditions of payment follow the link: