Handy AutoCAD-5. Annotations On/Off

Annotations On/Off - Two commands A- and A+ will help you to greatly improve the speed of drafting, especially when the drawing is too crowded.

Enter A- at the command prompt - the program will make annotations (Text, Mtext, Dimensions and Leaders) invisible on the screen (no freeze or turn off layers). You can work with hidden annotations as long as you need; you can close and open the drawing.

Any time you can restore annotations' visibility: enter A+

Installation: Download and unzip application at: http://www.nyacad.com/Download.htm

Include two files AnnoOnOff.lsp and AnnoOnOff.dvb (found under Anno-On-Off directory) in ACAD Startup Suite.


This application also included in Acad Officer

Alex Borodulin 01/05/08