One of the problems in Steel Detailing: how to represent long details on the sheets. The common solution - explode or override dimensions with stretching of beam (column) ends - does not let you automatically update dimensions during following design changes.

The possible solution: using the PaperSpace ViewPorts. You draw detail in ModelSpace at full scale with all dimensions associative and use PaperSpace ViewPorts for representing left and right ends of the beam (top and bottom of column) and additional ViewPorts, if you have to show holes groups (submaterials etc.) in the middle of the beam.

The picture below represents beam (45-6 long) in ModelSpace.



The following picture: the same beam in PaperSpace (two ViewPorts):


You can download the drawing (beam detail) with PaperSpace ViewPorts HERE

If you need to modify the drawing (e.g. lengthen or shorten the beam), you perform stretch command with auto updating of dimensions = less errors in drawing.