Handy AutoCAD-15. Quick Quit AutoCAD


AutoCAD becomes unbearably slow when you need to close the session with multiple opened drawings - heavy 3D models or overloaded with complicated XReferences, the time is 4.57 and your bus is at 5.05 pm. AutoCAD cannot be turned off without your participation because for each drawing you have to click on Yes or No in dialog “Save changes to Drawing…?


Quick Quit AutoCAD – two commands based on assumption: if the name of drawing is Drawing1.dwg or Drawing2.dwg etc., close it without saving. The other drawings - save and close. Enter the command:

S++ : close all drawings and quit AutoCAD.

S+ : close all drawings, AutoCAD stays turned on (no active drawings). Use it for instance when you start the new project, and there is no need to keep the set of drawing of previous project loaded in AutoCAD memory.

Download this add-on at: http://www.nyacad.com/Download.htm

Video: part 1 - traditional exit AutoCAD; part 2 - command S++

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This application also included in Acad Officer


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