Handy AutoCAD-6. Add Holes-1 (elev. view)

Add Holes-1 (elev. view) - commands +3 (13/16" Dia.) and +5 (15/16" Dia.). The program first adds a hole - the polyline of corresponding width. Next command is MultiCopy (special command), which is usually faster (shorter input), than array. Then you can apply Qdim (AutoCAD native command) and Quick mirror (see Handy Autocad -1). Watch video:

Installation: Download application at: http://www.nyacad.com/Download.htm

Include two files AddHoles1.lsp and AddHoles1.dvb (found under AddHoles1 directory) in ACAD Startup Suite.



This application also included in Acad Officer

Alex Borodulin 05/19/08