Framed Text

Framed text, I believe, is not a well known AutoCAD feature. We all saw it in Dimension style manager dialog window, but how to put it in real work? This article + AutoLISP file can help you.

We often use framed text in drafting. The common solutions: blocks with attributes or just text (MText) in rectangle. Blocks with attributes work good until you do not have extra long line of text (attribute does not fit in rectangle) or in case you need to apply stacked format to attribute or when several lines of text should be enclosed in rectangle. Also editing of attributes is not too fast. Using text  with rectangle produces not good result (poor representation) because it is difficult to make perfect alignment of text inside of rectangle.

Typical examples of framed text shown below:


Common solutions: blocks with attributes or text (MText) inside of rectangle

Framed Text


Framed text: actually it is not a text but option available in dimension style dialog window (see the picture below).


If we would check 'Draw frame around text' option and suppress extension and dimension lines in dimension style, we would get Framed text ready for use. We are not suppose to use this style for dimensioning: there are a lot of cases when we need just framed text: symbols, notes etc.

To get you start faster with this really nice feature I prepared dimension style and AutoLISP file. Download and place in any AutoCAD supported folder the drawing FramedText.dwg containing dimension style designed for utilizing as a framed text HERE

Download AutoLISP file FX.lsp HERE

AutoLISP (shortcut FX) will insert drawing FramedText.dwg in your drawing as a block; explode the block; change scale factor of framed text to current dimscale value and invoke edit text command.

To use this routine you should add it to AutoCAD Startup suite (command appload).

You can modify dimstyle FramedText in downloaded drawing:

  • Open it

  • Activate dimstyle Manager

  • Change text style, color etc.

  • To change the color of frame uncheck temporarily Dim Line 1; change color and check Dim Line 1 again.


Sure you can use framed text as a component of dimension or leader object. Either create special style for this purpose or use DIMGAP variable (should be negative).




Framed text can help you save time and improve representation of the drawings. If you edit text, the frame will be automatically updated: a very simple Dynamically updated block in ACAD<2006. Am I right?...


Alex Borodulin


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