Edit Text and Attributes with one command


Brian Forbes (http://www.autolisp.org/) is an author of AutoLISP routine allowing in older versions of AutoCAD (earlier than 2006 or maybe 2005) Ddedit and Ddatte in one shot. For users of newer AutoCAD releases this option is provided by Autodesk.

It is convenient: the same command (shortcut ED) works for editing Text and Mtext objects, Dimensions and Attributes.


Web link: http://www.autolisp.org/samples.htm#ed

To use this routine you should copy and paste into Notepad:


1. Text of main AutoLISP

2. Function SETL shown below AutoLISP code


Save text file as ED.lsp, and include it in Startup suite (command appload).



See also: Multiple Edit Attributes

Alex Borodulin


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