Link to 3D Stairs


Dear visitors:

On this page you can preview 3D DWF models made with using of 3D steel auto detailing software SolidStructural.

This program, developed by our company, is running inside AutoCAD, but you do not need AutoCAD installed on your

workstation. Just download and install FREE Autodesk DWF Viewer:

Click on any image below to open linked 3D DWF file.

You can also view the shop drawings AUTOMATICALLY generated in SolidStructural HERE.

Download 3D Models (AutoCAD DWG or 3D DWF drawings): School, Truss, Bank, Floor Support, Rivington

Retail Store (Images)   || 3D Model (DWF)

Building Renovation (Images)   3D Model (DWF)

Mezzanine (Images)                          Mezzanine (3D Model)

24 Avenue Building

Mary McDowell Center


Ticketing Booth

1244 Ocean Ave  3D DWF



School Addition

18th Avenue

57th Street Images  3D DWF

Truss  3D DWF

Korean Church  3D DWG


Fifth Avenue


Retail Shop

Highland Park Bank

Demo v.7 3D model

Floor Support

A-Residence  3D DWF

Day School

1076 Broadway